Tonight marks my first major engagement in nearly 10 months!

As some (few) of you may know this past February my left vocal fold hemorrhaged due to the steroid inhaler I was using for asthma.  It was a nightmare. I truly thought my career was over. I had to cancel so many concerts and it greatly impacted my voice studio, master classes and guest conducting jobs as well.

It brings me overwhelming joy to say I have FINALLY reached a point where I feel comfortable and confident saying



Tonight at The Historic Friar’s Club in New York City paying tribute to my dear friend Neil Sedaka and Connie Francis.


Where The Hits Are! A new Generation carries on the great Sedaka songs of two legends!


I will share the stage with my friend and fellow performer Jenna Esposito, Neil of coarse and many talented musicians including my dear friend/collaborator/producer and drummer Dan Weiner… all being lead by Jenna’s Dad..the talented Fortune Esposito.


What an honor and thrill to be back and WHAT A WAY TO COME BACK!

It has been an interesting 10 months to say the least. I tried quite hard to keep this on the down low. It was and still is difficult to talk about and explain but I feel quite blessed and fortunate that things seem to be going in a great direction.

I recently returned to my team of amazing Doctors at Johns Hopkins and was told the vocal fold has healed and everything looks fantastic and normal.  I cried for probably 15 minutes. I am beyond grateful for them and my amazing friend, mentor and voice teacher Carol McAmis for the guidance and care! To all of my studetns family and friends who new but didnt baby me…just supported me.  AND NEIL and LEBA Sedaka for being pillars of strength for me. Neil…your guidance and advise got me thru ALOT!!!

My family has been unwavering in their love and support and so have my friends that I let in on the much guarded state/condition of my vocal chords, career and heart!


I am starting to re book shows and so many other projects are coming! Please stay tuned as I am ready to share some truly exciting news!

STAY TUNED!  A new chapter has begun!!!!




Best Always







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