The Sedaka Show, A Smashing Success – Watch for upcoming shows in 2014 and 2015

Jim Van Slyke and Neil SedakaCelebrating the music of pop icon Neil Sedaka,
Jim Van Slyke returns to the stage with his critically acclaimed new show “The Sedaka Show.” Directed and conceived by Tony nominated Singer/Actor Brian Lane Green, Jim lends his beautiful voice and charm to the intimate melodies of Neil Sedaka. With music arrangements by Award winning Music Director Tim Di Pasqua,This tour de force trio have created a magnificent evening of Neil Sedaka favorites, lost gems and a few surprises!

Check out the video below for great show highlights!

Neil Sedaka exclaims,

“Just brilliant”
“I had the pleasure of seeing
Jim perform…
It blew me away.”

Jim Van Slyke in The Sedaka Show

“The voice, the stage presence…superb” 

”’Hungry Years’ brought me to tears”

“I think Jim has the potential of becoming an important artist. I can sincerely say that he would be a treat for any venue…”

Jim Van Slyke is…
“Something quite special”

“…just brilliant”


– Neil Sedaka

Here’s What The Critics Are Saying

“one of the finest performances seen in cabaret” “Cabaret doesn’t get much better than this” “A voice of an angel”

– Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline

“A performance with musical and dramatic power”

– Joe Regan Jr., Cabaret Scenes

“The Sedaka Show is a winner – hands down” “this show breathes new life into Sedaka’s eclectic catalog of tunes” “as entertaining as it can get”

– John Hoglund, Theatre Scene

“The Sedaka Show is a captivating tribute…” “Van Slyke certainly does the composer justice with his warm and rich interpretations of songs like ‘The Hungry Years,’ ‘Should’ve Never Let You Go’ and ‘Solitaire’.”

– Paulanne Simmons, New York Theatre Wire

“Jim’s intensity was contrasted by his restraint and tastefulness…” “…a heart rendering version of ‘Solitaire'”

– Melody Breyer-Grell, Cabaret Exchange

“Music is in the fiber of Jim Van Slyke’s being” “he has a future that’s as golden as his pure, honeyed voice” “Certainly he has the voice of an angel. Naturally high and pure, radiating sincerity, he is indeed a perfect fit for the Sedaka songs and style.”

– Rob Lester, Nightlife Exchange

The Sedaka Show Highlights Video

See some of the great highlights from Jim Van Slyke’s The Sedaka Show!